Frequently Asked Questions

When thinking about joining something greater than yourself, you’re always going to have questions.  Hopefully, this page will answer some of them.

Why Delta Sig?

We believe in seeking out the greater good. We believe that “typical” is not enough. We believe that better men create a better world. If you see the need for a better world, it starts by being a better man.

Joining Delta Sigma Phi will help you impact the world around you for the ultimate collegiate experience. Through your membership, you will surround yourself with like-minded, intelligent people that share your drive to better yourself – all while bettering your fellow members and your community. This organization is full of opportunity and will enrich your life, provided you contribute and open yourself up to the experience.

What’s different about joining Delta Sig at the University of Louisiana at Monroe?

Delta Sigma Phi was created by men who wanted a fraternity experience that wasn’t limited by their backgrounds or socio-economic status. In 1899, this was unheard of. In a time very different than ours today, our Founders had a vision that fits perfectly with our ever-shrinking world.

We seek to realize that vision by bringing in not only like-minded individuals but also people who challenge our own ideas and beliefs. By striving for diversity, we open ourselves and our new members to new ideas and ways of thinking, giving us all the opportunity to grow. You have the ability to build your own positive experience and a responsibility to leave a legacy for those who will become members in the years after you graduate. Your impact does not stop within Delta Sigma Phi; it has a positive ripple effect amongst the entire Greek community at ULM.

What opportunities are available for leadership development?

Within the chapter, members have the opportunity to serve on our executive board, as a committee chairman, or as an Inter-Fraternity Council representative.

At the national level members have the opportunity to participate in the Leadership Institute, Regional Leadership Academy, Undergraduate Inter-Fraternity Institute (UIFI), our biannual national Convention, and the Bruce J. Loewenberg Summit.

How much time do I need to commit?

For active members, time commitments are contingent upon your role within the chapter. Serving on the executive board will have different responsibilities than a committee chairman. Regardless of official position title, your responsibilities could occupy one to four hours of your time per week.

For new members, the commitment required for initiation into the fraternity is comparable to adding another 3 credit hour class to your semester. This will take place over an eight-week period, during which you will get fully acquainted with our active members and form everlasting bonds with your new brothers.

Fraternities have a bad reputation. How will I not be associated with those stereotypes?

Fraternities are idealistic in nature, and founding father groups embody fraternal values. Internationally, many fraternities are moving in the direction of dispelling those stereotypes through programming and initiatives. You can be a part of changing the stereotype and creating the exemplary fraternity on campus, all while creating friendships and bonds that will last throughout your life.

I need a lot of time for studies, and will be taking grad school tests next year (or some time.) Will I be able to balance all of this?

The fraternity experience is strengthened by academics, and we mutually support and assist each other to excel in the classroom. In fact, in order to continue to participate in events with the Fraternity, a minimum GPA of 2.5 is required. A large portion of our new member course is dedicated to teaching time management skills.

This one is for you, Mom and Dad.

Hearing the door close behind you as you walked down the hallway of his dorm took everything you had. What you worked so hard to prepare him for was so hard to give him: Freedom. The freedom to grow, learn, and most importantly to make his own decisions. Now, more than ever, you’re proud of the good choices he makes, as they remind you of the man he is becoming. And that’s why you’re here. Because your son is ready to make a choice that will positively affect his life today and in the future as a member of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity.

You’re an inquisitive parent and of course, you always have questions. We’re glad that you do. In fact, over the years we’ve learned that parents commonly ask many of the same questions about Delta Sigma Phi fraternity. Here, you’ll find a list of those questions with answers to both the easy ones and the tough ones.

Q: Why join Delta Sigma Phi?

A: Through our membership development and education programs, each member of Delta Sigma Phi is provided with the resources and tools that will help him achieve his personal best in all areas of college life and prepares him for success after graduation.

Our men embody the principles promoted by the Fraternity and are poised for success. They belong to Delta Sigma Phi… “Better Men, Better Lives”

Q: Aren’t fraternities just like the ones showing the movie “Animal House?”

A: Nobody likes stereotypes. Unfortunately, after the showing of that movie, fraternity members have been categorized as partiers, irresponsible, and abusive. In reality, fraternities are value-based organizations dedicated to the development of character and lifelong friendship.

Q: Don’t fraternities promote excessive drinking?

A: Absolutely not. Alcohol abuse is unhealthy and inconsistent with the ideals of Delta Sigma Phi. Every individual member and chapter is expected to uphold federal, state, county, and city laws, as well as university policies regarding the consumption of alcohol. As brothers we look out for the wellbeing of each other. As a chapter we participate in university health education programs.

Q: I’m concerned about my son’s grades – what impact will fraternity memberships have?

A: While Delta Sigma Phi is concerned about the academic achievement of its members, your son is ultimately responsible for utilizing the resources made available such as tutors in the Student Success Center, Math Resource Center, The Write Place, Supplemental Instruction in certain classes, and mandatory study hours depending on Grade Point Average.

Q: What about pledging or hazing?

A: Delta Sigma Phi does not condone or tolerate any form of hazing and is committed to a new member education period which instills a sense of responsibility and commitment in our new members. This period will assist your son in overcoming some of his concerns about success in college. Delta Sigma Phi’s new member education program is eight weeks long, during which time the chapter is participating in team building activities, learning history regarding the history of college fraternities, the founding of Delta Sigma Phi, and creating brotherhood goals.

Q: Who is actually in charge of the fraternity?

A: Members elected to officer positions manage the day-to-day operations of the local chapter. These officers are assisted by members serving on committees and by alumni who act as advisors. The National Chapter plays a role in this aspect of the organization, as well.

Q: Doesn’t it cost a lot of money to be in a fraternity?

A: Each chapter is self-supported through dues charged to all members. In the first year of membership, a few one-time expenses are assessed. If housing is offered, fraternity lodging and meals are competitive with other housing options. It is also important to note that each individual chapter usually offers a variety of payment plans.

Q: Will being in a fraternity take up a lot of time?

A: Participating in any worthwhile activity always requires an investment of one’s time. Research has shown that involved college students are more likely to graduate and they report greater satisfaction with their college experience. Through his involvement with Delta Sigma Phi, your son will learn how to balance his academic, work, campus involvement, and social commitments.

Q: What is my son going to get out of his membership in Delta Sigma Phi?

A: You’ll be amazed at what your son will get from his experience in Delta Sigma Phi. Joining Delta Sig will expand your son’s collegiate experience. In fact, most alumni say that Delta Sig completed their educational experience by teaching them valuable skills that are not taught in the classroom.

Here’s what Delta Sig offers: lifelong friends, life skills (such as effective résumé writing), leadership opportunities, social and athletic activities, academic support and excellence, and networking opportunities.

Q: Does my son have to live in the fraternity house?

A: Not at all. However, it is likely that your son will want to live in the house to take advantage of the opportunities it presents. We encourage you and your son to talk to the men who currently live in the house for more information about what it’s like to live there. We are confident that both you and your son will fondly look back on his time living in the house with his brothers.